Welcome to the St Mary’s School Community!


Dear Parents and carers,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the vibrant, contemporary school of St Mary’s Warwick. We provide exceptional teaching and learning experiences for all students in Prep to Year 6, with a strong emphasis on supporting and engaging families in their child’s educational journey. We are a Catholic school that strives to foster and develop our school’s mission and vision by making Jesus real for every member of our school community.

St Mary’s has a long tradition within the Warwick community, having been founded by both the Sisters of Mercy and Christian Brothers. With the support of dedicated staff, families and parish community, our school promotes a safe and nurturing environment in which all students have the opportunity to grow into citizens of the future.             

As a Catholic School we:

  • Build strong connections between community and school
  • Make Jesus Real for all
  • Achieve academic success for all
  • Empower students for the future

At St Mary’s we are leaders in learning as we provide a curriculum that engages and challenges individuals on their learning journey. Our staff are collaborative, dedicated, passionate and driven about their own education and the provision of exceptional, quality learning activities, that empower students to develop a love of learning. The needs of every student are catered for through the provision of contemporary environments and access to a wide range of resources and technology. To have the best education possible, we continually reflect on what we do to improve learning opportunities and keep effective practices.

We provide through community service, sporting pursuits, cultural activities, and extracurricular opportunities to ensure our students develop as a whole person.

St Mary’s Warwick is a warm and welcoming community, and I encourage you to explore our website or visit us in person to learn about the St Mary’s Way. You won’t be disappointed!

Emma Timmins - Principal






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