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Catholic Education Office Toowoomba
Catholic Education Office Toowoomba

Important Dates
(refer to newsletter for details)

27th & 28th August
School Musical Performance
Peter Pan 7pm Town Hall

31st August
2.10pm Assembly – Led by 1W
Swimming Lesson Prep-Year 3

2nd September
Swimming Lesson  Years 4-6

4th September
9am Parish Mass Year 3
Swimming Lesson Prep-Year3
12.30pm Prep Father's Day BBQ
P & F Trivia Night
6.30pm for 7pm start



Mondays 2.10pm Upper Campus

2nd Hand Uniform Shop
Wednesdays between 3.00pm & 3.30pm


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Welcome to our website.....

Welcome to St Mary's Catholic Primary School Warwick, one of Warwick's finest primary schools. Under the umbrella of the Toowoomba Diocesan Catholic Education Office, we are a Parish School, part of the St Mary's Parish, Warwick. Our Parish Priest, Fr Franco Filipetto, supports the pastoral role of the school.

The school offers a professional and dedicated staff who endeavour to deliver a curriculum which is both exciting and innovative.  We have a very real commitment to the basics of literacy and numeracy. We compliment this by also addressing other key areas of learning to provide a wonderful all-round education for the children in our care.

St Mary's School is proud of its history of providing high quality education in an environment of the Catholic tradition. Our school is committed to meeting the challenges of education today and in the future in order to provide students with the skills necessary to progress further along the life-long journey of education and learning.

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Enrolment applications for Kindergarten 2013 are now being taken.  Click here for more information

Community News 
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No doubt everyone will enjoy the presentation of the school musical, Peter Pan on Thursday night 27th August and Friday night 28th August. Much time, effort and energy from staff, students and parents has made this possible. I would especially like to offer special thanks to Mrs Erin Hilton who has been ably assisted by Mrs Standing, Mrs Lawson and Ms Matthews in putting this altogether. And of course, it wouldn't be possible without the talents of our students (and their parents who have become costume designers, hair dressers, make-up artists and so much more!!!). We are truly blessed.

On Tuesday of this week, the whole school was introduced to Bruce and Denise Morcombe. Bruce and Denise shared their very special message of child safety to all students from Prep to Year 6. The key words for the children were: Recognise    React    Report

Morcombe Visit to the schoolAll classes will now continue with this important information in class with all year levels undertaking the Daniel Morcombe program as part of our Health learning area. Bruce and Denise emphasised to the students the importance of recognising our bodies' messages when we feel that something is not quite right. If something is not right, we react by either running away or standing up to the situation. Bruce and Denise encouraged the children to say, "Stop! My body is my own!" and then report the situation to one of five special people we trust.

Over the next few weeks, as the Daniel Morcombe program is taught in the classes, special messages will come home. Parents are asked to encourage and ask more questions in the continued hope that all of our children stay safe.

More information on keeping children safe can be found at

50 / 50 RAFFLE

St Mary’s is conducting our annual 50/50 Raffle. 50% of the total amount raised will go to the school and you have the chance to take home the other 50% of the total amount raised. The final amount of the prize depends on the number of tickets sold. The more tickets sold – the higher the prize. For example: If we raise $5,000, then the school gets $2,500 and the winner gets $2,500. The winning ticket will be drawn at St Mary’s P & F Trivia Night on Friday, 4th September 2015. You do not have to be there to win it! You just have a buy a ticket! A book of tickets was sent home to all families last week.

More tickets are available at the school office. CURRENT RAFFLE TOTAL = $1,810.

The next P&F meeting is Thursday 17th of September. The Upper Grounds Development Project will feature prominently in discussions at the P&F meetings for the rest of the year, so please come along to the next meeting as all contributions are most welcome. If you are unable to attend, but would like to contribute your thoughts please let us know via our email address - SMWPandF@twb.catholic.edu.au

Woolworths Earn and LearnWOOLWORTHS EARN AND LEARN
Woolworths Earn & Learn program is happening once again this year. When you shop at Woolworths you can collect stickers to place on a sticker card. Once the sticker cards are completed they can be placed in a collection box at either St Mary's School or Woolies. When the program finishes on Tuesday 8th September all sticker cards will be sent to Woolworths for collation and they will let us know the number of points earned by our school to redeem on resources and equipment.

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