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27th July
Catholic Education Week Liturgy 2pm
(online at this stage)

27th to 31st July

Catholic Education Week

30th July

Year 6 Transition Day

31st July

Bishop's Inservice Day
(Pupil Free Day)

5th August

Prep Liturgy with Year 6 Buddies 9am

7th August

4King Assembly 2pm
Southern Downs Cricket

13th August

Southern Downs Track & Field

14th August

Feast of the Assumption 2pm
(online at this stage)
Market Day

30th August

Father's Day & VIP Men Liturgy 10.30am
(online at this stage)

18th September
Professional Development Day
Pupil Free Day



Mondays 2.10pm Upper Campus

2nd Hand Uniform Shop
Tuesdays & Wednesdays 8.15am to 8.45am




Welcome to our website.....

Welcome to St Mary's Catholic Primary School Warwick, one of Warwick's finest primary schools. Under the umbrella of the Toowoomba Diocesan Catholic Education Office, we are a Parish School, part of the St Mary's Parish, Warwick. Our Parish Priest, Fr Franco Filipetto, supports the pastoral role of the school.

The school offers a professional and dedicated staff who endeavour to deliver a curriculum which is both exciting and innovative.  We have a very real commitment to the basics of literacy and numeracy. We complement this by also addressing other key areas of learning to provide a wonderful all-round education for the children in our care.

St Mary's School is proud of its history of providing high quality education in an environment of the Catholic tradition. Our school is committed to meeting the challenges of education today and in the future in order to provide students with the skills necessary to progress further along the life-long journey of education and learning.

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Community News 

21ST CENTURY LEARNING - What will it look like at St Mary's
St Mary’s school community is entering a time of much anticipated change as we inch ever closer to the commencement of stage one of our new school build. For the school community, we can’t wait for our school to become one vision, one space, one school. However, change often walks hand in hand with nervous anticipation.

The staff have been nervous as the unique opportunity to design new spaces and breathe new life into existing buildings became a real part of their portfolio. At first the thought was overwhelming but through extensive research, visits to flexible learning schools and a lot of courage, the leadership team and staff are confident that the way forward is to make our learning spaces, places that enhance creativity, curiosity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication skills.

All new ideas begin with a journey of discovery, and our Year Three and Year Six cohorts were eager to play in this contemporary learning space. To facilitate this change, the classrooms have received some new furniture that caters for the wide range of student learning styles that exist in the 21st century classrooms. These classrooms now have spaces for:

  • Working standing up
  • Small, large group and whole class
  • Pair work
  • Floor work – open space
  • Independent work
  • Brainstorming (whiteboard surfaces)
  • Different levels – coffee tables, cushions, stools, etc
  • Use of ICT
  • Discussions

The benefits of these flexible learning spaces include:

  • Students are more engaged in their work
  • Students who have difficulty focusing are able to employ strategies to help them focus (Hokki stools and stand up working spaces).
  • Students are able to make choices about their own learning – what space will be best for the task at hand.
  • Teachers can assign suitable spaces more conducive to different tasks (small group, independent, individual, etc.)
  • Classrooms look and feel more engaging, inviting and ‘clear’.
  • The flexible layout promotes collaboration and communication. The very nature of the furniture allows this to happen more organically.
  • Students love working in the flexible spaces. They enjoy being able to choose their working space according to the task they are completing.
  • Classrooms look and feel bigger – more spacious. This contributes to the ‘feel’ of the classroom. Students are more relaxed and calm because there is little clutter and more room to move.
  • Helps promote the 21st Century Skills we want to see in our students.

Our vision for the future is to create a school where students enjoy coming to class, where their curiosity is sparked, and they feel comfortable in their home away from home. We unashamedly want our students to be leaders of future change and so we must design classrooms that embrace change and 21st century learning.

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