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Welcome to our website.....

Welcome to St Mary's Catholic Primary School Warwick, one of Warwick's finest primary schools. Under the umbrella of the Toowoomba Diocesan Catholic Education Office, we are a Parish School, part of the St Mary's Parish, Warwick. Our Parish Priest, Fr Franco Filipetto, supports the pastoral role of the school.

The school offers a professional and dedicated staff who endeavour to deliver a curriculum which is both exciting and innovative.  We have a very real commitment to the basics of literacy and numeracy. We complement this by also addressing other key areas of learning to provide a wonderful all-round education for the children in our care.

St Mary's School is proud of its history of providing high quality education in an environment of the Catholic tradition. Our school is committed to meeting the challenges of education today and in the future in order to provide students with the skills necessary to progress further along the life-long journey of education and learning.

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Community News

Our new classrooms have been designed to provide our students with a more flexible and contemporary learning environment - one which provides every child with the opportunity to achieve academic success.

Flexible, contemporary classrooms differ from the traditional classroom environment. They are more creative and innovative, and foster deeper learning conversations.

Typically, the students do not have their own desks, rather they have classroom furniture which will include hard and soft, flexible and moveable tables and seating options. Students go to the area best suited to their learning needs. There will be clear expectations around the seating arrangements. Students will have their own space for their belongings.

Examples of different spaces:

  • A formal handwriting task may be done at a formal desk and chair
  • A research task, which has a student talking to a group of people about the question to be answered may be worked on at a high table or on a mat where a group can sit comfortably together
  • Students reading with class teacher may be sitting at a conference table and writing with a whiteboard marker on the table
  • The break out space can be used for individual, independent work or small group activities

The options will be set up collaboratively by the students and the teachers as they develop their learning intent. Our teachers will work together to create learning experiences that encourage students’ deeper thinking and shared conversations, which shape empowered citizens of the future.

The Mini Mary’s Transition Program will begin next week for our new 2022 Prep students and we are super excited to have our new little students coming to school. This program will allow Ms Olsen and Ms Brosnan to work with our new Preppies in getting them ready for school. During this time one of the Leadership Team will be working with current Prep students. We are still open for enrolments and if you know anyone who is still making a decision, please encourage them to come and meet us. Parents of Kindy students need to register the days they will attend at https://forms.office.com/r/5UvabpfHt3.

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